In order to be experts in vacuum technology, we are able to offer various techniques such as turning, milling, welding and leak testing. We produce products of various sizes. In the area of ​​machining, we have both 3-axis and 5-axis milling machines and turning machines with powered tools.


When supplying combined vacuum precision mechanical assemblies, welding technology must be a part of this. With the help of our Tig welding equipment, we weld pipework, vacuum chambers and welding assemblies together carefully and leak-tight. We mainly weld stainless steel, but the welding of more exotic materials such as titanium or Monel is also possible. Tooling developed in-house is regularly used to achieve the most optimal welding process.

Cleanroom assembly

When extremely clean conditions are required, assembly takes place in our certified cleanroom. In the cleanroom we have the facilities to test the composite products and welding compositions for leak tightness. To guarantee quality, each individual product is tested using a helium leak tester. Employees who are active in the cleanroom have vacuum knowledge and are qualified to work in a cleanroom. Because in addition to the requirement of a leak-proof product, the cleanliness of a product may also be important, we can demonstrate the cleanliness of the products by means of an RGA (Rest Gas Analysis). Behind the assembly area is the area in which our ultrasonic cleaning station is located. Here the products are ultrasonically cleaned and packaged vacuum clean. 

Cleanroom features:

  • 130 m2 area
  • Cleanroom ISO class 7 (10,000)
  • Cleanroom flowbox ISO class 5

In addition to assembly in the cleanroom, compositions can also be assembled outside the cleanroom.