Vacutech, the expert in producing, welding and assembling of vacuum products.

Vacutech is a supplier of vacuum and precision technological products and compositions. We produce customer-specific products, welding assemblies and product assemblies for the high-tech industry. Vacutech has a modern machine park through which prototypes and small to medium-sized series are produced. We carry out machining techniques such as turning and milling, but also welding, leak testing, cleaning and measuring at the highest level. You can also engage us for one of these specific processes.

Innovative and efficient solutions

Our method is characterised by the fact that we always think in terms of solutions. We are happy to think along with you and, in this way, contribute our expertise in the field of vacuum. Based on our knowledge, craftsmanship and experience, it is always a challenge to develop the most innovative and efficient solution for each assignment.

During production, all facets receive our full attention to arrive at a high-quality product. Our employees have the knowledge to produce a vacuum product. Part of this is the processing of vacuum surfaces, the clean production and knowing the effects of this on an end product. We can deliver the produced products ultrasonically cleaned and packaged vacuum-clean.

Vacutech is growing

To further grow and to exceed the demands and expectations of our customers, Vacutech is taking steps forward. A new, larger building in Den Hoorn near Delft symbolises this. At the same time, we continue to invest in the values ​​that have made our company great: customer focus, craftsmanship, perfectionism and efficiency.